Monday, March 22, 2010

black mountain college

i wish the black mountain college still existed. it was a tiny revolutionary/experimental college that operated from the 1930s - 1950s... seems like everyone that walked out of there was a creative genius. the place was like an exclusive club for the cool kids (namely ray johnson, john cage). i knew nothing about it before coming to asheville, but am falling in love with its legacy almost every day i'm here. it seems like every time i find out about a great artist, they are somehow connected to BMC.

saturday night was something from a really funny dream. erik and i hopped on a purple school bus in downtown, made our way 30 minutes outside of asheville while being serenading by a dj playing a symphony of sirens. the bus turned off a main road, went a little past a prison and dropped us off at a dark location (the old black mountain college campus). we walked in an old cabin looking building overlooking a lake, something like were 200 people there, watched a girl dance around in cellophane, a man play electric guitar while hanging from a construction crane (while strapped on a speaker), a guy shave his head while something was being projected on his shirt, and a mona lisa lady groove inside of a hoop globe. we sipped wine and beer until all the strangeness wasn't so strange anymore, ate more than our fair share of ice cream, ran into a random collection of great people, then hopped on the purple bus and went home.

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  1. AHHH ASHEVILLE IS A TOTAL DREAMLAND why dont i live there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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