Thursday, February 18, 2010

february fever

february is the time of year when i start to get antsy. it's the time of year i drain my bank account by booking plane tickets to far away places, impulsively, just wanting adventure. it's the time of year i spend too much time making lists and sketching out what and where i want to plant seedlings in my lil 8x8' garden. it's the time of year i sit on the computer and shop for bathing suits that i will never buy.

...don't get me wrong, i think winter is wonderful in all of it's introspective dry skin bare tree snowy sky glory, but the prospect of warm weather only a month or two away makes me all too excited.

i am overwhelmed with excitement about the possibilities for the years to come, not to mention the upcoming months. gardens and spain and farming and markets and internships and little businesses and organizations and projects i want to start... so much to see and do and LEARN and not nearly enough time.

well now, to root myself back into the winter wonderland that has been asheville, nc for the past few weeks, let me post some snowy pics:

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  1. I hope the market you mention is in Kennett Square :) We cannot wait for you to come home.



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