Wednesday, April 22, 2009

worst skipping school day ever.

i. am. pissed.

instead of going to school today i decided that spending the day catching up on homework would be the better option. sounds logical, right? well i went to get coffee while waiting for the bayard taylor library to open, and low and behold as i approached my car, i locked the keys inside. the last time i did this was a year ago, and i promised myself i wouldn't do it again. but, you know, it's not the kind of thing that you can really control. sometimes things like that just happen.

so, i decided i wouldn't call my parents for three reasons. a) i didn't think we had an extra set of keys b) i didn't want to openly admit to skipping school c) i hate going to my parents for help when i can just handle situations by myself. yeah, locksmith services probably cost $40 or $50, but i'd rather pay for it than asking my parents to.

i call 4-1-1 and get a number of a locksmith in kennett square. the woman on the phone says they open cars. it'll be 25 minutes and about $75. shit. more expensive than i though but oh well, i already called and it's only 25 minutes. i need to get my papers done asap, and my notes are in the car.

three hours later, the creep of all creeps shows up, spends 30 seconds opening my car, and charges me $180. i argued with him but of course i am a nervous and passive person so i gave in. i was under pressure. and i panicked. i feel like the biggest idiot in the world. i feel sick to my stomach. he definately took advantage of me and i just payed him $180. drained my bank account. much worse things could have happened, i know, but that thought doesn't seem to supress my current frustration. i didn't even get to write my papers.

ended up explaining the whole thing to my mom between tears. and to top it off, we have an extra set of keys.


  1. hahaha, i'm sorry kelly - but your story made me laugh a bit. Isn't there a set of keys under the car?

  2. oh kelly i'm so sorry!!! i would have answered my phone when you called but i was at sorry!



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